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Telia Respit 10 smart answering machine with two buttons.

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Telia Respit 10


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Telia Respit 10 smart answering machine with only two buttons.

Product description:
The smart answer machine with only two buttons
Telia Grace 10 is a small and simple answering machine, whose features
will be very valuable to you!

• You can record a response information (OGM) of up to 2
• You can receive incoming messages up to 2 minutes / each.
• By remote control, you can listen to incoming messages, and
decide if you want to save them or not and record a new response information.
• If you forgot to turn on your Telia Grace 10 when you left home, you
You do it by remote activation.
• You can record memos, known memo.

1. Listen all possible. incoming messages.
They will be deleted when you record a
new answer vengeance!
2. Before you record your response statement may
be good to write down what you will say,
t. ex:
”Hi, this is Rune. I can not come to
the phone right now. But to speak in your name and
phone after the long tone, so call
I have yourself together as soon as I can. Bye.”
3. Press RECORD and hold it.
4. Start speaking after the beep.
5. Release the recording when you finish speaking.
6. The tape rewinds and your response statement
played through the loudspeaker of evaluations guarantee.
Adjust the speaker volume with the steering wheel.
7. Finally rewinds Telia Grace 10 band
again. Telia Grace 10 is now ready to receive
phone calls.

If you want kontrollyssna again, you make a card
Press Record.

1. Open the cassette door and insert the cartridge.
2. Connecting apparatsladdens one end to the socket
Apparatsladdens 3. Connect the other end of the plug.
4. Connect the plug to the Telephone jacks.
The phone that possibly already sat in jacks can
you connect to mellanproppens ”back”.
5. Plug the power cord into the socket
9VDC and then insert the AC adapter into an electrical outlet.
6. The tape reels are now back and forth
some times.
If you do not have a cassette tape of Telia Grace 10
heard a steady beep. Then the AC adapter, insert a
cassette tapes and then connect the AC adapter.

Telephone jack, wall contact and 1 pc of 60 minutes cassette will be included.

Condition: Fairly used

Package: NO


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